Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Three songs from the Vatitaenu CD

Vatitaenu ותיטענו בגבולנו - "And thou shall plant us in our boarders"

The following three songs have been released for the coming CD and for Hanukka:

  • In the land בקרב הארץ - For Michael Moshe (Mickey) Flam's bar mitzva
    - My father cantor Shlomo Flam is the grand voice
    - Yaakov Gorenshtein the Wizi (midi flute, took my flute's sound) and music orchestration.
    - My composing voice and flute.

  • You can still fix it אפשר לתקן - released for Hanucca
    - My brother Daniel (Danny) Flam played the trombone
    - Yaakov Gorenstein music orchestration.
    - Danny Alony, drums
    - My composing voice(s) and guitar

  • Wake up התעוררות
    - Danny Alony drums
    - My composing voice and keyboard playing

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Inventions and Ideas

I'll be updating inventions and ideas here. Stay tuned!
1. EV, bikes and automotive industry:
a. Continuous magnetic gear - Similar to the Raleigh NuVinci, but using magnets.
b. Safety wheel - new shape and functionality for front wheel in cars and bikes.
c. AutoPedal - portable motor (electric or other) connects to any bike without hassle.

2. Eco-industry
a. Industrial efficient hi-speed clothes drying with vacuum and condensing process
b. Industrial bio-cooling system via roof and ground vegetation

3. Software and DSP
a. Automated testing snapshot utility

:If you have an idea that you know you'll never really develop, put it on HalfBakery!