Thursday, February 7, 2008

Kitricity - electric bus kit, ShapAir - green cooling, Kiflaim - new bicycle

This month, everything seems to be advancing nicely.

Sheshet Group: The new cooperative company has a name Sheshet Group, and a new CEO, Mr. Nissan Lieblin, the general manager of the Jerusalem Har Hotzvim Technology Park NPO. Welcome aboard and good luck Nissan!

Kitricity (חשמנוע) - Electric Bus and Mass Transit Kit - has finished phase one planning, and has a new financial manager. Stay tuned for news, very soon.

Kaima Inc. - ShapAir™ - Bio HVAC Air Conditioning and Cooling - has a new business manager, finalized biz plan, a new COO, and a sales manager. I'll post details here soon.

Almost forgot: Ofanim eco-bicycle initiative - with new bicycle innovations Kiflaim - safety wheel and the Autopedal project. I met two weeks ago with a fantastic concept-bike workshop owner in Tel Aviv, and my brother in law who is studying business and management is taking this as his project.

Even my music is advancing nicely - I organized a good team: Fantastic guitarist Moshe Mindik, Contrabase player Benji Triester, and really great keyboard player Jonathan Blum. I'm planning to add two great vocalists, and a few very talented people who will be joining the sessions as the music gets more mature.
You can hear a sketch of one of my next songs - to be done solo trombone by my brother Daniel Flam, and my Father, Cantor Shlomo Flam.

So stay tuned till next time.