Wednesday, September 24, 2008

eXtreme Planning - a new paradigm for eXtreme Programming Agile Management

A new paradigm - along with software - is needed for management of agile development projects. Please see .

Battery invention with KALM engineering

I recieved a small investment for working with KALM engineering on the Kitricity project.
We are looking into the technical and business issues of my BatBattery(TM) invention.

Perhaps the blessings of the new lunar year will be with this idea, which I hope can help many people, and make the world cleaner and quieter for civilization, so we can preserve and strengthen nature and "the wild".

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Kitricity - electric bus kit, ShapAir - green cooling, Kiflaim - new bicycle

This month, everything seems to be advancing nicely.

Sheshet Group: The new cooperative company has a name Sheshet Group, and a new CEO, Mr. Nissan Lieblin, the general manager of the Jerusalem Har Hotzvim Technology Park NPO. Welcome aboard and good luck Nissan!

Kitricity (חשמנוע) - Electric Bus and Mass Transit Kit - has finished phase one planning, and has a new financial manager. Stay tuned for news, very soon.

Kaima Inc. - ShapAir™ - Bio HVAC Air Conditioning and Cooling - has a new business manager, finalized biz plan, a new COO, and a sales manager. I'll post details here soon.

Almost forgot: Ofanim eco-bicycle initiative - with new bicycle innovations Kiflaim - safety wheel and the Autopedal project. I met two weeks ago with a fantastic concept-bike workshop owner in Tel Aviv, and my brother in law who is studying business and management is taking this as his project.

Even my music is advancing nicely - I organized a good team: Fantastic guitarist Moshe Mindik, Contrabase player Benji Triester, and really great keyboard player Jonathan Blum. I'm planning to add two great vocalists, and a few very talented people who will be joining the sessions as the music gets more mature.
You can hear a sketch of one of my next songs - to be done solo trombone by my brother Daniel Flam, and my Father, Cantor Shlomo Flam.

So stay tuned till next time.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

ExcelChords open source alternative to Band in a Box and FruityLoops

Make fantastic music the intuitive way.
[Edited: Jan 9th - Corrected name and added a link to ExcelChords]

There are a few alternatives to making good music, but ExcelChords, a new open source music initiative, will blow the rest away.
There are - (have a look, two great programs!), and there's an open source project called GMOrgan (General Midi Organ). There are also various loop and DJ mixing software. This new program will blow the rest away, or get them to make their own programs even better.

I'm looking for people who want to join me developing the next thing in music making. It will include:
* A clearer way to view and store music (of course there will be views to the regular chords, piano roll, notation and audio file views).
* A simpler way to create and compose music.
* A simpler way to play music live. - possibly even some new hardware can be developed.
* A technology enabler. Besides being a standalone product, it will also be a platform for a new musical paradigm.