Thursday, October 25, 2007

Current Pashute Projects

IT - projects
  • Pashute Pituah Co-op
    Outsourcing high-tech workers (mostly Haredim) with the workers benefit in mind.
    Management and IT Expert - high-end computer development projects.
    Experts in Cutting edge technologies from Microsfot and Sun.
    DSP and algorithm experts.
  • Pashute Innovations
    Invention and patent development, in various fields.
Eco - projects:
  • Hashmanoa ( website: TBD )
    Electric Vehicle Conversion Kit
    Investment #1 received. Planning began.
    Team assembly in progress.
  • Retzef ( )
    Personal Rapid Transit project.
    Israeli inventions to cooperate with and implement Doug Malewiki's Skytran idea
    Front row finance science and engineering team assembled.
    Software model 70% complete.
  • Bat Kaima ( )
    Eco-building - green bio-cooling, eco-sewage, and eco-energy systems:
    Installing and developing bio-cooling vegetation supported systems for the industry
    Installing and developing innovative eco sewage and rainwater storage systems
    (Israel eco-village plans at Haella valley currently on hold.)
Education Projects
  • Lamitnadev ( )
    "For the Volunteer" - Helping people help themselves.
    Changing the way a city (Bet Shemesh) perceives itself, by empowering the people.
  • Ahrai - work in progress
    Youth leadership program through tradition. Giving
  • Be'er ( )
    Open school of meaningful education (k-12) - currently home schooling gather.
Music projects
  • Pihuk Mesukan
    "Dangerous Yawn" - a Hebrew children's "undergound" CD.
    Stories and songs to uplift your kids day.
  • Bakol Mikol
    Ethiopian, Hassidic and Eastern arabic music combined.
  • Venitrahaknu
    Work in progress - My latest tunes and songs.
  • Akum Mehakisse
    "I'll get up from my chair"
    Work in progress - New kids humor CD of music and stories

Who took the pashute name and why

Why would someone else want to call himself pashute with that spelling?
When creating the blog I found why would anybody do that?
I invented the name and spelling 10 years ago (with the e at end, from the Hebrew word simple).