Tuesday, January 8, 2008

ExcelChords open source alternative to Band in a Box and FruityLoops

Make fantastic music the intuitive way.
[Edited: Jan 9th - Corrected CogniTone.com name and added a link to ExcelChords]

There are a few alternatives to making good music, but ExcelChords, a new open source music initiative, will blow the rest away.
There are CogniTone.com - (have a look, two great programs!), and there's an open source project called GMOrgan (General Midi Organ). There are also various loop and DJ mixing software. This new program will blow the rest away, or get them to make their own programs even better.

I'm looking for people who want to join me developing the next thing in music making. It will include:
* A clearer way to view and store music (of course there will be views to the regular chords, piano roll, notation and audio file views).
* A simpler way to create and compose music.
* A simpler way to play music live. - possibly even some new hardware can be developed.
* A technology enabler. Besides being a standalone product, it will also be a platform for a new musical paradigm.