Thursday, October 25, 2007

Current Pashute Projects

IT - projects
  • Pashute Pituah Co-op
    Outsourcing high-tech workers (mostly Haredim) with the workers benefit in mind.
    Management and IT Expert - high-end computer development projects.
    Experts in Cutting edge technologies from Microsfot and Sun.
    DSP and algorithm experts.
  • Pashute Innovations
    Invention and patent development, in various fields.
Eco - projects:
  • Hashmanoa ( website: TBD )
    Electric Vehicle Conversion Kit
    Investment #1 received. Planning began.
    Team assembly in progress.
  • Retzef ( )
    Personal Rapid Transit project.
    Israeli inventions to cooperate with and implement Doug Malewiki's Skytran idea
    Front row finance science and engineering team assembled.
    Software model 70% complete.
  • Bat Kaima ( )
    Eco-building - green bio-cooling, eco-sewage, and eco-energy systems:
    Installing and developing bio-cooling vegetation supported systems for the industry
    Installing and developing innovative eco sewage and rainwater storage systems
    (Israel eco-village plans at Haella valley currently on hold.)
Education Projects
  • Lamitnadev ( )
    "For the Volunteer" - Helping people help themselves.
    Changing the way a city (Bet Shemesh) perceives itself, by empowering the people.
  • Ahrai - work in progress
    Youth leadership program through tradition. Giving
  • Be'er ( )
    Open school of meaningful education (k-12) - currently home schooling gather.
Music projects
  • Pihuk Mesukan
    "Dangerous Yawn" - a Hebrew children's "undergound" CD.
    Stories and songs to uplift your kids day.
  • Bakol Mikol
    Ethiopian, Hassidic and Eastern arabic music combined.
  • Venitrahaknu
    Work in progress - My latest tunes and songs.
  • Akum Mehakisse
    "I'll get up from my chair"
    Work in progress - New kids humor CD of music and stories

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